Addiction (guilt and shame) Anger Management Anxiety Control ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Adult Stress Management
Grow Taller Grow Hair Fit & Fine Body – Female Fit & Fine Body – Male Breast Enlargement Penis Enlargement
Nail Biting Procrastination Fussy Eater Stop Snoring
Fear Of What Others Think Death Phobia Fear of Failure Fear of Cats/Dogs Fear of Flying Fear of Travelling Self Confidence - Fear Refief
Marijuana Addiction relief Alcoholic Addiction Relief Quit Smoking Quit Chewing Tobacco Shopping Addiction Relief Drug Addiction (2 Sessions) Quit Vaping
Acashik Hypnosis Astral Projection Auric Healing & Protection Finding Lost Items Chakra Balance Chakra Shuddhi Protective Shield
Sleep Easy Stop Snoring High Blood Pressure Relif Alleviate Menopause Symptoms Improving Hearing Migraine - Tension Headache OCD Anorexia Constipation Cancer elimination with mind power AIDS - (2 Sessions)
Attract Employment Attract New Customer Magnetically Business Success Excellence in Sales Peak Performance Become Money Magnet(Marathi) Become Money Magnet(Hindi) Become Money Magnet(English)
Attract Soul-Mate
Increase Female Libido Vigorous Power (For Men) Erection Tune up Male Multiple Orgasm Men’s Erotic Intense Orgasmic Fantasy Resolve Premature Ejaculation Sex of Your Dream Men Sex with your Dream women Women’s Hypnotic Intense Orgasmic Fantasy
Go for Gold Medal
Genius Student(English) Genius Student(Hindi) Genius Student(Marathi) Secret of Study Accelerated Studying Concentration for a Child at School
Actor's Rapid Development of a Character Become Your Own Life Coach Write your own future Bridge to Freedom