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About Us

About Santosh Marg

We are Santosh MARG: The Hypnotherapy &Subliminal Training Company, based in Mumbai. Founded in 2011 by Dr Santosh Parab, it brought over 20 years’ experience in the training industry. As you will see from Dr Santosh Parab’s bio below, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has led him to become one of the well-respected figures in the hypnotherapy, Subliminal & Yoga community. As well as teaching hypnotherapy, Dr Santosh Parab continues to run his own international hypnotherapy practice, both online and in person. This greatly benefits our students, because the best hypnotherapy teachers are those with real-world experience helping clients.

With hundreds of satisfied graduates across the India and internationally, as well as range of top-tier accreditations, our practitioner level training is widely regarded as among the best in the world. So, if you want to learn to help others and become a confident, professional hypnotherapist, subliminal expert – you’re in the right place.

Our Specialization

At Santosh MARG, we specialize in all aspects of hypnotherapy, Subliminal& Kriyayoga training, and we are constantly striving to ensure that all of the techniques we teach (and the strategies we use to teach them) are of the highest quality, meaning that everything we do is delivered to the best possible standard.

As well as being a well-recognized hypnosis expert, Dr Santosh Parab is a qualified teacher with industry-standard teaching qualifications. This means that not only do we know all about hypnotherapy and how/ why it works, we also know how to effectively convey that information to our students in order to optimize learning and build confidence.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our course content is always cutting-edge and highly functional. This means that you will be able to seamlessly integrate all of the knowledge and skills that you learn with us into your own therapy practice. With this level of understanding, you will be able to offer the best possible solution for your prospective clients, and you’ll have the ability to resolve any type of issue that a client may come to you with.

Our Passion

At Santosh MARG we are passionate about all things subliminal & hypnosis-related, because for us, hypnotherapy is more than just a ‘job’ – it’s a lifestyle, and this passion comes across in all of our training (as you can see from our graduate testimonials). As a leading hypnotherapy training provider, our main goal is to see our students and graduates succeed as confident, effective professional hypnotherapists – our passion is helping you to help others.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their highest potential through the transformative power of hypnotherapy, subliminal mind program, and yogic meditation. We believe in the limitless potential of the human mind and are committed to helping our students harness this potential to create positive change in their lives. Our teachings are grounded in the principles of the law of attraction and are designed to help individuals cultivate a growth mindset, develop inner peace and resilience, and manifest their deepest desires."

Of course, this is just one example, and you should craft a mission statement that resonates with your personal values and teaching style. Your mission statement should convey your unique perspective and approach, while also being clear and concise enough to be easily understood by your target audience.

Meet Your Lead Trainer

Dr.Santosh Parab
M.A., M.Com.,PhD, D.Litt.

Dr Santosh Parab is an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate trainer, with a cumulative theoretical and practical knowledge of hypnosis that would be difficult to surpass.

Santosh Parab has a Doctorate of Philosophy, based upon the psychology aspects of hypnosis & subliminal from a professionalism perspective. As part of the research for his Doctorate, he completed training with many (200+) international hypnosis and hypnotherapy training providers, and has a personal library of hypnosis-related books along with his own written and published worldwide book "Making Unconscious Conscious" that would impress even the most avid enthusiast. This alone makes him one of the most well-rounded, highly qualified hypnotherapy trainers in India (and the world).

Dr. Santosh’s passion for the subject goes above and beyond any other hypnotherapy trainers you’re likely to meet. He is an exceptionally talented, honest and approachable expert in the field of hypnosis, and is a fountain of knowledge, always willing to share a wealth of information with his students, peers and colleagues.

As well as being a first-class hypnotherapist, Dr Santosh is also a highly experienced teacher in fields including industry and higher education. He has various highly-respected professional endorsements, such as Life Membership with the Indian School of Psychology Association (INSPA) and also member of the association for Neuro Linguistic Programming, ANLP, UK as well as he is member of International Association of Applied Psychology and American Hypnosis Association.

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