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Here's an outline of everything you’ll need in order to make your subliminal audio tracks:

• Microphone

• Scripts. (101 scripts will be provided)

• Subliminal audio-making software. (We will provide)

• Computer or laptop.

• A few minutes of your time – just 120 minutes each of couple a day.

Don't worry; we'll cover everything as we go along to make it super simple!

What are subliminals?

Subliminals are audio that contains affirmation that goes into your subconscious mind.

Subliminals can contain music, rain noises, and a binaural beat that has hidden affirmation in the background that you mostly cannot hear.

Want to create your own custom subliminal audio from start to finish?

Perhaps you want affirmations for a desire that’s specific to your needs!

Or maybe listening to hidden messages from a complete stranger makes you feel a little uneasy…

Don’t worry, I totally get it!

There are many reasons why making and listening to your own audio can be powerful!

For one, receiving a positive suggestion in your own tone of voice is much better received and responded to than those created by strangers.

And when you create your own tracks there is no risk of dodgy messages being implanted into your subconscious.

What most people don't realize is that making your own subliminals is actually pretty simple.

You don’t need any crazy audio-tech skills, and you certainly don’t need to be a computer wizard…

All you need is 5 minutes and one easy-to-use subliminal program that I’ll show you very shortly.

Why Should You Create Your Own Subliminals:

There are many reasons why you might want to make your own subliminals…

Here are the 3 most common reasons :

1) Subliminals made by other people can be dangerous:

In this day and age, literally, anyone with internet access can upload content that could potentially be viewed or heard by millions!

And unfortunately, not everyone who uploads to the internet has good intentions!

Most people turn to subliminal audio to live a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life…

But since the affirmations are not heard on a conscious level, they can also disguise negative messages being pushed out into society by some messed up individuals.

Although there are a handful of well-trusted programs created by reputable companies, including Subliminal Guru, there are still plenty of weirdoes out there!

Some of the darker stories we’ve heard include Subliminals creators who are

• Manipulating listeners through negative or cultish type commands.

• Forcing people to give them money.

• Trying to convert others to different religions.

• Pushing their own personal agendas on others.

• Spreading hate and negative messages. And some of these creators are uploading to platforms that you might use every day…

In fact, just recently I read a SubReddit about a big name YouTuber who was exposed for using negative affirmations in her videos…

This is frightening!

Your subconscious mind is precious!

The messages it receives on a daily basis will determine how your life unfolds.

This is why it's so important to shield yourself from negativity.

Creating your own subliminals is a great way to protect the subconscious from outside influences.

It also means that you have complete control over what goes in…

And therefore the outcomes that you receive from the subliminal itself.

2) You can record your subliminal affirmations in your own voice:

One common concern about subliminal affirmations is the fact that they are spoken in the creator’s voice tone.

And this is a valid point!

You are always going to trust yourself before a total stranger right?

Well, the subconscious mind is no different.

When you receive affirmations in your own tone of voice, you process those affirmations as trusted facts much faster than if you were to use subliminals created by someone else.

In fact, I have seen countless reports online of people who saw fast results after re-creating their audio tracks using their own voice tone!

Recording your own affirmations also means you can speak them in your own language or accent.

This means that you can receive the same life-changing results as those raving about subliminals online…

Even if English is not your first language!!

So you see, by recording affirmations in your own language, voice tone, and accent you ensure the best possible clarity and understanding for the subconscious mind.

3) You can get ultra-specific!

Want to manifest something that’s super specific?

Perhaps you want a date with Jeremy at the 5-star restaurant “Arborio” around the corner from your house…

Maybe you want to alleviate ₹ 10, 77,340.50 worth of debt in 355 days?

Or do you want to lose exactly 8.5 kg of tummy fat…

I'm just throwing out examples here, but being specific with your affirmations is crucial for successful manifestation.

Unfortunately, the more specific you get, the more difficult it is to find Subliminals that match your exact needs.

But by creating your own subliminal affirmations you are free to get as specific as you like and therefore get exactly what it is that you desire.

Okay, so you get the idea, custom made tracks are amazing, but before we get into actually making them, let’s break down everything you will need!

Subliminal Making Course - it's the perfect manifestation technique if you are looking for a faster, safer, and more personal way to boost your manifestation techniques.

The good news is it’s actually a lot easier and less time consuming than you probably think to learn how to make your own subliminals and in your mother tongue.

In this course I’m going to show you exactly how to make your own subliminals to supercharge your manifestations. Subliminals will just make all your other practices like affirmations, visualization, and journaling that more effective.

Luckily, you don’t need to be great with computers or have any fancy equipment to learn how to make your own subliminal messages.

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