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Customized Hypnosis

Create Your Own Customized Hypnosis Audio Recording

Our Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording's are made to order and created specifically for you.


You can feel like you are having a private hypnosis session with Dr Santosh Parab, right in the comfort of your own home.

Here's what you do:


1.Fill out this simple questionnaire :-


2.Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording :-


3.Dr.Santosh Parab can write hypnosis script based on the information you write in your questionnaire.


4.Dr.Santosh Parab can record the hypnosis script and send you the customized Audio Recording.


The approximate completion time is 2-4 weeks depending on other Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording being worked on at the same time. You can be notified by e-mail that your Audio Recording is ready to Download.

Please understand that we cannot accept store discounts or coupons for this product.

We also do not accept returns or refunds of any kind as the Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording creation process requires time for research, writing, recording and editing the session.

Not all Custom Hypnosis Audio Recording orders can be accepted and if that is the case, you can be notified immediately and your money can be refunded. Due to the extensive amount of time, energy, and personalized attention Dr Santosh puts into these special Hypnosis Audio Recordings sometimes there can be further time delays.

If you require the Audio to be made for you in a more timely manner, please mention the same, we will see what we can do for you.

PLEASE NOTE : Qualifying Custom Audio Recording's and Services are NON-REFUNDABLE. Also, we only hold orders open for up to 90 Days: You have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to fill out the form. If we do not receive your form within these 90 days, we can cancel this order and email you a gift certificate which you may use to purchase a pre-made hypnosis product instead.

Please also do your best when filling out the form. The more detailed and complete you are when filling it out, the better outcome you can have with the final Hypnosis Session. If you have QUESTIONS about the questions on the form, do not hesitate to ask us via EMAIL. The answers do not need to be perfect. Dr Santosh can be using this information to gain a better understanding of your personality and what you ultimately want to achieve. If you leave questions blank, this is not helpful to your cause. Just do your best and have a good attitude when filling out the form and we do our best to help you in whatever way you can.

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